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Huei Tyng Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1989, is one of the metal furniture manufacturers located in Taiwan.

FSC certified home & office metal furniture including metal shelves, laptop carts, laundry sorters, clothes racks and towel stands. 8 packaging lines, 300 containers a month, Huei Tyng provides large-scale professional metal furniture with solid reputation.

pristine has been supplying metal furniture to worldwide customers, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, pristine ensures each customer's demands are met.

Business Principle

The foundation of Huei Tyng corporate culture is to create a happy home environment. For internal, we treat employees like family mutual care and pay attention to peer welfare and physical and mental health. We form multiple sports clubs and provide educational training resources for our employees to learn and develop together to create a harmonious and positive working environment. For external, We uphold the attitude of advancing with the times to gradually introduce various automatic production equipment. We commit to providing the household items that combine with life, rich in humanity, art, environmental protection and technology to meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations. We provide superior products with more advantages, competitiveness and innovation.

We produce the finishing touch products for home life and create a new aesthetic of personal fashion life. Like our promise “To create a convenient and comfortable living space, Huei Tyng is more attentively than others."


Honesty is the basic social responsibility of enterprise management. Huei Tyng sets up integrity management in company culture and creates a sustainable business environment.


Innovation is the primary factor for enterprises to maintain a high degree of competitiveness. The core competitiveness of Huei is to create the appropriate management system and operation mechanism and ensure a steady stream of innovation.


Win-Win is from the high-quality management team. We have the same goal which devotes ourself to integrating global resources and becoming a navigator of the industry.