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Huei Tyng Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1989, is one of the metal furniture manufacturers located in Taiwan.

FSC certified home & office metal furniture including metal shelves, laptop carts, laundry sorters, clothes racks and towel stands. 8 packaging lines, 300 containers a month, Huei Tyng provides large-scale professional metal furniture with solid reputation.

pristine has been supplying metal furniture to worldwide customers, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, pristine ensures each customer's demands are met.

Double Laundry Sorter

Your laundry date. The perfect companion for sorting, organizing & folding your clothes, this laundry room essential offers two hampers that make it easy to separate whites & colors & a tabletop area that is ideal for making sense of everything fresh out of the dryer.

Easily sort your clothes before laundry day so you can streamline the process with this Double Laundry Sorter.

The two laundry bags hang on the portable frame so you can easily sort clothes by type and move them around as needed. Never worry about mixing in a pesky red sock with the whites again with this must-have laundry sorter. It also offers up 2 hanging canvas bags to let you painlessly sort lights from darks, or organize other spaces. Organize colors and whites easily in your bedroom or laundry room, store it in a closet to keep dirty clothes out of sight. Roll it from room-to-room when it's time to gather sheets and blankets. The bags are designed to hang on the frame and can be easily removed so you can transport them to the laundry room in the basement or take them to the laundromat. or set it in the entryway to keep pool towels and picnic blankets on hand while you walk out the door.

It is easy to assemble with the instructions provided. Designed to meet the demand of low cost, durability, and convenience; the laundry sorter is the perfect addition to your home. It fits in your space and needs, fits on your budget.

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